‘A place for all’ – Help children to have an active life

July 1, 2017
Save the Children helps children who are cut off from the union for social, economic or cultural reasons to become part of a rewarding community. In Denmark, most children attend different activities in their spare time. Experience shows that children with an active lifestyle often feel better, but unfortunately, too many children do not have the same access to recreational activities as other children. Therefore, Save the Children has developed the ‘A Place for All’ initiative, which helps children to be included in recreational life in Denmark. “I have been privileged in my life. Have always had people around me to support me. That’s not how it works for everyone. Some children need help and a push in the right direction. At the same time, I have seen how crucial football have been for me and many others. That is why I take this initiative.” – Daniel Agger “All children deserve to experience that they are part of a safe community and that they have a future with others. ‘A Place for All’ is a very good example of how we together can help children and young people into the community and give them a stronger foundation to evolve.” – Helle Thorning-Schmidt For more info: https://redbarnet.dk/vores-arbejde/fattigdom-i-danmark/plads-til-alle/ PRESS http://www.brondby.dk/Service/Nyheder/2017/11/Nyt-projekt-skal-hjaelpe-udsatte-boern-ind-i-Broendbys-foreningsliv.aspx https://sn.dk/Vestegnen/Agger-skaber-plads-til-alle-boern/artikel/699878 Photo: Save the Children.
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