Charity Project for Returned Soldiers

June 1, 2011

The charity foundation Soldaterlegatet was founded to raise awareness and funding for Danish soldiers who have returned from service.

The event took place on the 4th of June at Tivoli Congress Center in Copenhagen. It included an auction of all the memorabilia that Daniel Agger had collected through his career, a big screen international match showcast and a wide backing from other sports stars.

Soldaterlegatet supports and helps former civilian and military soldiers who have been in international military missions. After returning home these people and their relatives need financial support due to physical or mental damage that has occurred during their military service.

“It’s about getting attention to a group of people who have been exposed to some difficult things they in principle have chosen themselves. But there are some people who have to do it for our country, and I think that we have a big responsibility. I do not really think we take that responsibility. We do not take enough notice of them, and there are not done enough when they return home. The preparations are good, but after a while it stops. Therefore, I will try to help those soldiers who are in need of urgent care- both physically and mentally – when they get home. One thing is that I can collect some money, but the most important thing is to bring attention to the matter and make people see that there is a problem here. And that there is something we can do better.”
– Daniel Agger

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