Daniel Agger at Folkemøde 2018 with “Lær for livet”

July 30, 2018
Daniel Agger participated in this year’s Folkemødet in Bornholm to raise awareness of ‘Learn for life’ (‘Lær for livet’) and their projects. This year, it was specially project ‘Learn for Life’ Mentoring that was of high importance on the program. The mentor arrangement is a project where institutional children get a mentor after completing their first Learning Camp. This group of children typically experiences many environmental and school changes which often negatively impact the wellbeing of children. An adult volunteer helps the child with homework and provides professional support. Good relationships with strong adults who support their educational and life-skills pursuits are essential for the well-being of the children. ‘Learning for Life’ Mentor scheme is still looking for new qualified mentors so more children can get help. For more info regarding this project visit: https://laerforlivet.dk/om-laer-for-livet/vores-arbejde/mentorordning/
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