Daniel Agger & Brøndby IF mascot visited The Children’s Ward

November 30, 2014
Gifts, cake and autographs were distributed as well as exchanging lots of smiles, as Daniel Agger, The Agger Foundation in collaboration with Brøndby IF’s Nanok, visited the Hvidovre Hospital Children’s Department at the end of November to spread the joy of Christmas. In a daily life filled with sickness, blood tests and white coats, Daniel took time talking to all the children. With them Daniel and Nanok brought lots of presents for the children who during their time in hospital are in need of a little extra care. “When I played in Liverpool FC, the whole team went and visited thine city’s children’s hospital every Christmas. I could see what big a difference it made, so I brought the idea with me back home.” – Daniel Agger The Senior Consultant at the children’s department Klaus Børch thus had the following to say about the experience: “It’s really nice with a break during time in hospital, so it’s a very big support for the children. Daniel has done amazing here and he really have flair to talking to the kids. So we have been really happy with the visit.” Link: https://www.hvidovrehospital.dk/borne PRESS: https://www.hvidovrehospital.dk/presse-og-nyt/pressemeddelelser-og-nyheder/nyheder2014/Sider/Da-Daniel-Agger-kom-forbi.aspx https://brondby.com/nyhed/2014/12/11/julepagger-daniel-agger-besoegte-boerneafdelingen https://sn.dk/Vestegnen/Agger-fik-smilet-frem-hos-syge-boern/artikel/452970
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