Daniel Agger pays for Denmark team to attend Homeless World Cup in Chile

September 1, 2014

Daniel Agger has helped the Danish homeless team to join the World Cup in Chile later in the autumn.
The homeless team consists of 8 homeless players, who are chosen each year among the approx. 1200 annual participants in OMBOLD’s street football tournaments and open trainings to represent Denmark at the World Cup football championship for homeless and vulnerable people.

“There are some people who don’t have an easy day to day life and they need a good experience. I can rightly say that a World Cup will be a good experience. I know that it means a lot to them. Of course, I would like to support it when they need it.” – Daniel Agger told DR Sport.

The Homeless World Cup, which began in 2003, is held annually, and was last hosted in Poland, with Brazil as the winners. 56 countries engage in the Homeless World Cup and it costs a total of 200,000 kroner to participate.

Daniel covered a 20,000 kroner shortfall in funding, allowing the squad to make the journey.

Frits Ahlstrøm, of the charity Ombold, told Danish channel TV2: “I talked to him and said we still had to find 20,000 kroner, and he said without hesitating: ‘I’ll give it to you.’ There is no substitute for class and Daniel has it on and off the field, as a player and as a person.” – Frits Ahlstrøm

Link: http://ombold.dk/hjemloeselandsholdet/

Press: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/sep/10/daniel-agger-denmark-homeless-world-cup-chile

Photo by: fuckingflink.dk

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